Obesity in Children Essay

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Essay outline I. Thesis statement This essay will discuss the growing problem of children obesity in most developed countries, the negative impact on their lives and three consequences of obese children. II. Body A. To know the growing problem of obesity we need to track the childhood obesity. 1. What is obesity and what are the causes of obesity? 2. Childhood obesity can be preventable. B. Trends of the energy intake in a developed country. 1. Dietary intake of a children 2. Components of the diet that set the main cause of obesity. C. Social factors. 1. The connection between social factors and childhood obesity. 2. Declined physical activity in children D. Observing how obesity can be a negative impact on obese children’s lives. 1. Society will tend to look at these children with a negative attitude. 2. Obese children that are maybe affected by the different age or gender E. Surveys that might give more solid evidence to clarify doubts 1. Steps to conduct the experiments. 2. Results of the survey F. Obesity comes with consequences, and these are three of the them 1. High cholesterol a) What is high blood pressure? b) Risks for high blood pressure 2. High blood pressure a) What is high blood pressure? b) Risks for high blood pressure 3. Type II diabetes a) What is type II diabetes? b) Risks for high blood pressure. III. Conclusion In conclusion, we shouldn’t consider obesity a small problem, because it is a growing problem in most countries. As a result of obesity it will put an impact on the obese children’s lives negatively, which makes it harder for them to be accepted in the societies and people might treat them badly. Also there are health consequences Essay Childhood obesity has become a growing problem in a developed country, as we can see in the public places such as the mall, theme parks, schools,

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