Obesity in Chidren Essay

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Obesity in Children Is Associated with Increased Health Care Use HCS/438 August 5, 2013 Fouza Yusuf Obesity in Children Is Associated with Increased Health Care Use The study used statistical procedure of measuring the height and weight of each study patient each time they visited the clinic to calculated the BMI. The children were divided into 3 age groups. Obese and non-obese children ages 4-7, 8-11, and 12-18 with similar social economic status from the same time period. Study results revealed population of obese children 363 and 382 controlled (non-obese children), obese children BMI > 95% and controlled BMI <85%. The BMI was significantly higher in obese children. Obese children clinic visits 492 verses 4058 non-obese children P< .001. The obese children were hospitalized 67 times compared to non-obese children 34 times P< 001. Hospitalization extended 207 for obese children compared to non-obese children 79 P<.001. Obese children used medication 5945 times more than non-obese children 4638 P<.001. The conclusion the study reached is that obese children received increased health care use. Obese children used more health care services, medication, clinic visits and experienced longer recovery, than non-obese children. The conclusion was correct but the study was not appropriately conducted. The study was not appropriate because it was not conclusive in the reason for obese children visiting the hospital or requiring health care services. Visits for medical services also were for same reasons as non-obese children. Services also could have included assistance with psychological and social issues. The findings were statistically significant using p-value. A statically significant relationship is one that is large enough to be unlikely to have occurred in the sample if there’s no relationship in the population. Possible values for

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