Obesity in America Essay

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Obesity, specifically in the United States, is an issue that deserves more attention than what has been given in the past. Although some claims throughout the film by Dateline are a bit outlandish, many of the points were valid and deserve consideration. The food industry, especially junk and fast food, may be getting out of hand with their advertising. I personally believe some restrictions and regulations may need to be imposed to curb the latest health trends in America. Although most consumers believe that the consumption of fast food is a personal choice, and the consequences are the purchaser’s alone, we must consider that the average consumer is unaware of deceptive, sneaky advertising that could be driving them through the drive through more often than healthy. I largely agree with the professionals that say a large part of fault is due to the food industry itself. If packaged foods are required to have a nutrition and ingredient label, fast food should be held to the same requirements. This way, consumers will at least have the chance to formulate an educated decision on their choice of meal. I would draw the line at warning signs being posted. The idea of healthier options being given is not new, however, the price variation for healthy foods compared to fatty foods is outrageous. The average person on a budget would opt for the cheapest meal, not the healthiest. I feel that the price gap between healthy and junk foods is a leading contributor to obesity in America. The food industry responds that are more causes of obesity in America than fast food. This statement may be correct, however, the amount of fault is largely skewed. A person who eats healthy and is not very physically active can achieve weight loss. Heredity is a weak excuse. The idea that some people are just “big boned” is ridiculous. The bottom line is that fast food ads are deceptive

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