Obesity Essay

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The aim of this essay is to clarify and explain the role of the professional nurse in relation to the public health issue of adult obesity. This essay will explore the different concepts, such us legal and ethical issues, which can influence a professional nursing practice. In addition, understanding of accountability, consent, confidentiality, autonomy, duty of care and the use of the nursing process will be demonstrated. This essay will also bring to light the understanding and the importance of recordkeeping, anti-discriminatory practices, as well as equality, diversity and different ways tocommunicate with patients. According to The Department of Health (2011) obesity is clinical term which is used to describe excess body fat. Further more, The Department of Health (2011) states that adult obesity is a major public health issue because it is associated with risk factors of a number of health problems such as heart diseases, stroke and some cancers. It also leads to other serious conditions such as type2 diabetes. The estimated costs of treating obesity related illnesses where roughly 1 billon dollars in 2012 and it is predicted that by 2025, the costs could raise up to 5.3 billion dollars. If patients feel fit and healthy, they do not seek out help and advice from healthcare professionals. Often they feel the need to consult professionals for help only after they start to have symptoms of some illness. Nurses are responsible and accountable for their own actions in practice when caring for obese patients. A relationship is established between the nurses and the patients as soon as the nurses offer to treat. Accountable means to be responsible for someone and answerable for the consequences of what is being done. In nursing this is informed by the code of professional conduct. The main focus of professional conduct is to protect patients and insure the nurse's

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