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Public education, physical activity, and economic policy in decreasing obesity Xiaoyun Wang Academic Writing 2 Katherine Samford April 28, 2013 As we known that obesity is a general global problem from children to adults. The causes of obesity can be various from one to another, but the only one result of obesity is doing harm to both mental and physical health. To face this prevalent global problem, there are three most effective measures which are public education, physical activity, and economic policy to help decrease the human beings’ obesity rate. These three effective measures are outstanding among lots of other measures, because they have different characters in decreasing the obesity rate. In the process of decreasing the obesity rate, one of the most effective measures is public education. One of the benefits of the measure public education is that it can be easier to taken into practice in current education system, such as in elementary schools, high schools, and universities. Through public education, from children to adults can be told what the bad influence of obesity is and how to lead to a healthier life, because they were under directed by health professional conductor. According to Craig A. (2013), children who were overweight in the professional-facilitated intervention condition significantly reduced their standardized obese compared to children in the self-help condition. In other words, special program of public education is sufficient to decrease obesity. Another benefit of the measure public education is that through education, it can do direct influence on people’s eating and activity behavior. Education is impressive in people’s minds, during enough time in doing physical activity in schools; people can have quantification exercises in daily life. Khan LK. (2009) stated pointed

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