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Childhood Obesity Obesity in kids now a days is just horrible. It's not the kids fault so never think that, it just happens. I have chose this as my topic because I have seen so many kids with this problem and seeing others get their feeling hurt over it is just no fun. I always believed everyone was created equal so why make fun of those who are different from others. It doesn't matter what size you are, it's the type of person you are. I think those who deal with obesity can be cured and hope for one day that to come true. Writing a research paper on childhood obesity is just like every other paper just a little more work because you actually have do research and gather all kinds of different information together to make that paper the best. I will limit my paper down probably into three sections. My paper will have an introduction and conclusion of course. The first section will be the definition of childhood obesity so others know what it really means, in case they don’t know. The second section will be what causes obesity because there can be many reasons for this horrible disease. It’s not really a disease but like a disease. The third section will be how it can be cured. There has to be a way to fight obesity especially for kids. I don’t really have a special claim to argue against this issue except I witnessed too many kids with this problem. I had friends who were obese and had to be there when they got picked on but let me say the other person never got away with it. I can't see others getting hurt especially because of their weight. Everyone deserves happiness and not to be unwanted and made fun of. I know of a kid who wanted to kill himself because others picked on him for years and finally he just couldn't take the pain no more. it could happened to anyone so everyone should start thinking about others feelings besides their own. . It’s a

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