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Over the past years the rate of obesity in the world has been increasing. Obesity not only affects children physically but as well as psychologically. Children are being affected physically by obesity because they don’t have time to get up and play outside or doing any physical activity. Psychologically children are being affected because they tend to have low self esteem and depression. Many parents are coming with ways and strategies to keep their kids healthier. If children were exercised with a healthier nutrition at an early age, then the rate of obesity in children will decrease. Creating a nutritional diet for children at an early age is the first step. Talk to your child’s school about the types of foods that are served at lunch. Healthy meals like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and small proportions of meat. Although this goal will be hard to achieve, it is possible with the help of school attendants and/or the government. If all else fails then children should start packing their own nutritional lunch and bring it to school. The main way too lose excess fat on your body is to exercise. Exercising for children is usually something they don’t look forward to doing. If you encourage your kids to enroll in extracurricular activities such as after school sports they will most likely get in shape for a healthy lifestyle. In school students have P.E so teachers can arouse a sport spirit in children. If this is not the case, then going out to play an hour a day will be a good exercising program for children. Obesity in children can be solved by just taking action in nutritional education for students and how they go about their physical activities. If these ways are gone about the healthy way then the outcome will be that children across the world will be more healthy and physical not to mention their mentality on what they should and shouldn’t eat will

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