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OBESITY Obesity is classified as being unhealthy or overweight. A person who is twenty percent overweight is considered obese. Obesity affects over thirty-five percent of adults and seventeen percent of children each year. Obesity is a chronic disease that can lead to diabetes, heart disease and many other conditions. In the article “Obesity Rates Unchanged” (1) “Ogden and her team compiled the data from 2009-2010 using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. The survey measured the height and weight of almost 6,000 men and women and calculated their Body Mass Index (commonly known as BMI) to determine if they were obese.” (1) The study found that over thirty five percent of men and women were obese. The rates among Mexican-Americans and African-Americans were higher. Obesity among teens was higher than school-aged children. Rice, an OB-GYN encourages patients to lose about ten percent of their body weight at a time. In her opinion Rice encourages schools to incorporate daily exercise and healthy eating. She also encourages doctors to set realistic goals, and counseling on weight loss. Obesity can have an unfavorable effect on young Americans. Such effects include diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, and a stroke is a few to mention. In the article “Obesity and Bariatric Surgery Facts, Statistics and Rates of Obesity” the number of obese individuals is on the rise. (2) Since 1960 the number of obese Americans has increased dramatically. The question most people ask is Am I obese? If your BMI also short for Body Mass Index is over thirty or you are more than twenty percent of your ideal weight you are considered obese. If you are more than one hundred pounds overweight are have a BMI greater than forty you are considered “morbidly obese”. Excess belly fat can increases your risk for serious health problems.

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