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Obesity: A Serious Problem of the Modern Day Society Suzi Student State University Abstract Obesity has been a rising problem in the modern day society. Obesity in simple language refers to the excess fat accumulated in the human body. It seems a question in people’s minds about who and what is responsible for obesity. Reasons like their eating habits, lifestyle, unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, etc make people obese. The paper will list out some of the reason in detailed form that will help us to understand reasons behind obesity better. After careful study from the reliable sources, I would like to present my paper on the views on various reasons that lead to obesity. The sources used in my paper are all journal articles from the trusted database Gale and government website. After reading the paper, the reader will understand obesity and as well as the causes of obesity. Obesity: A Serious Problem and Concern of Modern Day Society The modern day society faces a big problem of Obesity. It seems very important to understand obesity before looking into the causes that lead to obesity. Obesity means just not being overweight, because a person can weigh extra from bones, muscles, the water content in his or her body, etc. However, Obesity and overweight bear the same meaning that a person weighs more that the ideal weight as per the height and age of that person. Obesity increases the risks of many diseases in the human body such as heart diseases, diabetes, physical disability, cancer, and osteoarthritis. Body mass index (BMI) is a practical measure used to determine overweight and obesity. BMI measures weight in relation to height used to determine weight status. BMI can be calculated using either English or metric units. BMI is the most widely accepted method used to screen for overweight and obesity in children,

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