Obesity Essay

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Childhood Obesity The problem of childhood obesity in the United States has grown considerably in recent years. Who is to blame for this problem? Poor nutrition and diets are making the United States one of the most obese nation on earth. No matter what the exact definition obesity is simply excess body fat. Obesity most commonly begins in childhood between the ages of 5 and 6. Studies have shown that children between the ages of 6-11 are 18% are obese and 17.4% between the ages of 12-19. There are many reasons obesity is on the rise. As the health care costs of treating obesity related illnesses grow, people place the blame for the increasing obesity rates on fast food industries and corporations. Genetics also play a role but factors such as the environment and self-control overpower the effects of genetics when it comes to weight management. Fast Food corporations, schools, and parents all contribute to the growing childhood obesity epidemic. Large Fast-food corporations are major influences of the increase of childhood obesity. They use children as target consumers for profits in their junk food. The availability and advertisement of fast food restaurants prevents Americans from slimming down. They eat food designed for the health of corporate wallets, rather than children’s bodies. Businesses are in business for only one reason, to make money. America is filled with high fat, calorie dense junk food. Vending machines are increasing everywhere. Of the estimates 40,000 television commercials children view in a year, 32% are for candy, 31% are for cereal and 9% are for fast food, were as 3% total was for healthy fruits and vegetables. The availability of Junk foods are cutting down on meals eaten at home, but still even at the home constant snacks are contributing to children’s unhealthy lifestyle. Fast food places make it easy, cheap and convenient as they

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