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Obesity is a medical condition defined by an excess of body fat that has increased to the extent that it can have a dangerous impact on heath, which can lead to the developing of numerous other health problems (Haslam & James 1197). Obesity has become a major medical concern throughout various parts of the world, though especially in the United States. Approximately 33.8% of American adults have been diagnosed with obesity, as well as 17% of children; worldwide, one billion adults and roughly 10% of children are obese. Each year, these statistics grow, and as they do so, scientists and doctors discover more ways in which obesity can be harmful to those that have already been diagnosed and to those that are at risk. If obesity is not prevented or treated in a timely manner, people risk developing diseases that have the potential of leading to death. The primary cause of obesity is a combination of unhealthy overeating and constant inactivity. Eating unhealthy foods tends to be a part of most diets, but the fats and copious calories from greasy and unhealthy foods can build up if the individual ceases to do anything about it. Excessive weight gain becomes all too easy when large portions of food are not met with equally high levels of activity, such as exercising or something as simple as walking. The longer this pattern continues, the more weight that an individual puts on. Therefore, the more that a person watches what they eat and the more time they spend exercising or being active, the less chance they have at becoming obese. Diet plays a large role in the development of obesity; the worse the diet is, the more obese someone becomes. The better the diet is, the more the individual is able to control their weight. Likewise, diet also plays a large role in the prevention of obesity. However, obesity is not always caused by a poor diet and a lack of

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