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Obesity is a medical condition in which body fat stores more than usual to the point that it can have an adverse effect on the health of individual. Obesity can reduce life expectancy and increases health problems. Number of Obese individual increased dramatically in that past few decades, so as the occurrence of many related diseases in particular heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and certain type of cancer and osteoarthritis [1]. This growing rate represents a pandemic that needs a thorough knowledge and immediate attention if its potential mortality and economic costs to be avoided. The primary purpose of this report is to identify the main causes of obesity and diseases (especially cardio vascular diseases) associated with this condition. In the following I will try to analyse the relation between the genetics and how can it increase the potential of individuals to gain weight and effectiveness of an active lifestyle in reduction of obesity and its complications. PART 1 Obesity is multifactorial, some of causes of obesity can be as below [4]: • Metabolic factors • Genetic factors • Level of activity • Behavior • Endocrine factors • Race, sex, and age factors • Ethnic and cultural factors • Socioeconomic status • Dietary habits • Smoking cessation • Pregnancy and menopause • Psychologic factors • History of gestational diabetes • Lactational history in mothers The pathogenesis of obesity is very complex and it is not just an imbalance of energy intake and output. One of the biggest factors is the diet and the total calorie consumption which has been linked to the obesity [1]. People around the world and specially in developed countries become more dependent on fast food, fast food usually contain large amount of fat, carbohydrate and dense sugar, this increase in the intake of energy is linked to the obesity for example in united states since

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