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Obesity is measured by the percentage of body fat on one’s body. According to health care professionals men with more than twenty-five percent body fat and women with thirty percent would be considered obese (About Obesity). Before the 1980s, obesity was rarely a social problem. Everyone--for the most part-- was healthy with an average weight. Once the 1980s came around, however, America began to see an increase in the number of obese persons. The rise in obesity was so dramatic in fact, that it is now considered an epidemic. With how the world, especially the American culture, has changed throughout the years many are left to wonder if this problem will only get worse. With this came the question, is government regulation the answer to the obesity epidemic? Many believe that the government should get involved in helping prevent obesity. The Federal Trade Commission or FTC for example, is now working to try and stop the production of advertisement directed towards children. They have argued justice of “unsophisticated youngsters” being exposed to “sophisticated advertising”. After thirty years of not doing anything the FTC has finally made a proposal. The proposed voluntary guidelines would limit unhealthy fats, sodium, and added sugars in foods advertised to children under18. Advertised foods would also have to include some fruit, vegetables, extra-lean meat or poultry, or other healthful ingredients. Although many are for having the government interfere, others believe this is not a good idea. Advertisement companies oppose to this proposal stating that it was “overly strict” and basically that they would loose a lot of business. Whatever the case may be research shows that since the 1980’s childhood obesity has tripled, which is when advertisement became popular, especially towards children. Restaurants are one of the many that are against having the

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