Obesity Essay

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Does overeating really cause American’s obesity? When I came to here, I saw the vast majority of Americans are bigger and overweight. I thought maybe they think their physical and obese are kinds of beauty. It took me about few weeks to recognize that why American like this kinds of the “beauty”. One thing is that American like to eat hamburger and drinks. Since they are cheaper, fast and convenient, people cannot resist the delicious food from fast food restaurants. Be hide all fast food, they ate unsaturated fatty acid and high calories into their body unconsciously. So it will cause people getting obesity. On the other hand, American eats too much food. I heard my friend said that while she ate one hamburger for full, American will eat double. Therefore they are easy to being fat. It seems their eating habit; they do not want to control their appetite. It is balanced for people who eat too much equal to their body looks bigger. However, Most American today tends to blame their obesity on the Fast-Food establishments and other kinds fat food company not on themselves, because they think eat too much fast food and high calories food make their fat. Does overeating really cause American’s obesity? My answer for this argument is “No”. Like athletes; they will eat a lot of food to supply the physical energy needing. Are they fat? “No”. Therefore, we should do some physical activity to burn some calories out of our bodies. In addition, we can eat more low-calorie food but eat less high–calorie food. Furthermore, obesity is genetic problem. Even you do not eat much, you also will get fat. In fact I believe that if we know what causes obesity, we will not be to blame overeating. First of all, the most important effect of obesity is people who overeating should do exercise to burn some calories out of our body. Too much calories will make our

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