Obese Children Should Be Taken Away

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Letter to the Editor Dear Editor, Clearly, welfare authorities should remove obese children from families because parents are not taking good care of their children, they may be bullied at school or elsewhere and because of abusive parents. In the first place, parents are not taking good care of their children. For instance, there is a pre-teenage boy who weighs one hundred and ten kilograms. For this pre-teenage boy to have around one hundred kilograms of fat around his body is incredibly unhealthy. This is the fact that he had been sitting in his room while rating and being inactive. The boy was then referred to medical intervention which had no effect on him. This is basically the parents fault because they are not telling their child to exercise which puts the child in a position where they become overweight. Secondly, children may get bullied at school or in public. This puts a child in a stereotypical position. People around the society will instantly think that the child is unfit and unhealthy. For instance, if an obese child were to go outside to the public, people would have a thought that the child is so unhealthy. An example is when I go to the shopping centres with my little cousin; people tend to move further away from him. I always notice people whispering to each other when they see my little cousin so I assume they are talking about his size. If he was to grow up and understand that people talk behind his back, he may become depressed and just keep eating. This is why obese children should be taken in and cared by the government at an early notice. Furthermore, children should be taken away from their families due to abusive parents. For instance, children may be forced to eat. As a child is developing and becoming older, they begin to develop habits. If parents start forcing their child to eat at a young age, they may develop a habit of

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