Oberon And Titania : Reconciliation Or Submission?

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Oberon and Titania ACT IV scene I, 45-100Reconciliation or submission? The second act of a midsummer night's dream already sets the stage for the quarrel between Titania and Oberon. Titania accuses Oberon of having changed the order of the seasons, and threatened the harmony of the world,released by his anger for having been refused the cession of the Indian boy .They blame each other for being unfaithful, Oberon with Hippolyta and Titania with Theseus.Thus, Oberon decided to take revenge of her, and sends Robin to find the juice of a flower, which of course is magic , in order to drop it on her eyelids. As a consequence, Titania will fall in love, and dote and whoever or whatever she will see first, when opening her eyes. While she is sleeping, Bottom and his fellows enter the wood in order to rehearse for the play.Robin, who spies them, puts an ass head on Bottom's, which frightened everyone but wakes Titania up.As a result, Titania falls in love with him and they fall alseep side by side. In this scene we can see Puck and Oberon entering the glade and commenting on the success of Oberon’s revenge. Oberon says that he saw Titania earlier in the woods and taunted her about her love for the ass-headed Bottom; he asked her for the Indian child, promising to undo the spell if she would yield him, to which she consented. Satisfied, Oberon bends over the sleeping Titania and speaks the charm to undo the love potion. Titania wakes and is amazed to find that she is sleeping with the donkeylike Bottom. Oberon calls for music and takes his queen away to dance. She says that she hears the morning lark, and they exit. All that is necessary to resolve matters is a bit of potion on Lysander’s eyelids and Oberon’s forgiveness of his wife. Indeed, the restoration of the world lays on a peaceful relationship between Titania and Oberon.In a midsummer night's dream, we deal with

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