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Obamacare Essay

  • Submitted by: omarmohammed
  • on December 3, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Obamacare" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

To begin, South Africa is located in Southern Africa especially located at the tip of the African continent.   There are 49 million people that live in South Africa. The population could be higher, but South Africa has low life expectancy, higher infant mortality, and higher death rates because of AIDS.     The main form of communication in the country is telephones.   Some people have cell phones and others don’t.   Conversely, some people have internets, TV’s, radio’s, etc.   The military of South Africa is also decent.   The country has army in Zimbabwe.   South Africa is also the home of many refuges.   There are approximately 33,000 refugees that are from Congo.   There are 20,000 Somalian refuges and 6500 Burundi refugees in South Africa.
The city of Cape Town was founded by Dutch leaders in 1652.   In 1867 diamonds were found in South Africa.   Similarly, by 1886 gold was found in South Africa.   The discoveries of these two substantial resources increased the interest of British settlers.   However, the founders of Cape Town the Dutch (Boers) weren’t willing to let the British take control of their findings.   Sadly, the British army defeated the Dutch (Boers) during 1899-1902.   Following this further, the Boers and British came together and ruled together by 1910 under the Union of South Africa.   By The National party developed policies and dealt with everything.   Additionally, the African national Congress (ANC) developed.   This opposed the national party because it favored the white minority 1961 South Africa became a republic.   Moreover, by 1948 South Africa had a National Party which was voted into power.   .   A great leader led the ANC to the top.   That great leader was a man that spent 27 years in prison.   That great heroic individual was Nelson Mandela.   He fought for justice and equality for decades.   However, the transition of the ANC went through boycotts, insurgency and various regimes.   Eventually, ANC’s peaceful transition caught the eyes of the rest of the...

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