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#OBAMA2012 In deciding which candidate to vote for, there are two main issues: the economy and education. These issues are important because they ­affect young adults the most right now. The economy affects everyone, and education is important because of people entering college. Looking at how each candidate views these issues, one man stood out, and that is Democratic candidate Barack Obama. Obama has great ideas for improving the economy. He wants to bring the troops home from Iraq, thereby saving the $12 billon we spend there each and every month. Another point that ­Obama makes is that the United States’ current ene­rgy policy is hurting the economy. He ­believes that if new energy bills are passed, it will help the U.S. get out of its current economic slump. Finally, Obama plans to eliminate millions worth of tax cuts for those who do not need them. With these ideas and strategies, Obama can improve the current state of the economy. Obama also has a plan to improve education. He believes that we need to start educating children at a young age. His plan, Children’s First Agenda, addresses early education. He also hopes to close the gap of achievement between students, which means improving schools that need help. He wants to pay teachers more and treat them like professionals, but in exchange he calls for higher accountability. Obama also has a plan to make ­college more ­affordable. He wants public colleges to be free for students who maintain a “B” average during high school. And he plans to give a $4,000 tax credit for college and university students who complete 100 hours of community service each year. These ideas will improve education to be top-notch and will help many students in the United States. Watching and listening to what Obama has to say and his views on the issues he is the Democratic candidate to vote for. Obama has many good

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