Obama's Inaugural Address Essay

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In his inaugural address, President Obama spoke with encouragement, haste, and affection. By using words such as “us” and “we”, he let Americans know that he too, is one of us. When he spoke of the troubles with health care, schools, and businesses it became clear that these issues affect his family as well. He chose to bring out the problems at hand first, describing the challenges and crisis America is facing. It brought a sense of fear to his speech, however, when he transitioned into the hopefulness he feels by saying, “we have chosen hope over fear”, a sense of hope did wash over America. Obama told Americans that we would be able to correct the problems we have created as long as we act wisely, quickly, and together. He infused listeners with a belief that we, together, could remake America. Obama also unified the country by saying that our heritage is a strength. All the different religions, ethnic groups, and experiences make us stronger and more united than ever before. President Obama readied Americans for an era of change. He drew scripture into his speech to appeal to Christians, while he also acknowledged those of other faiths. To make a driving point, he often grouped things in sets of three and used repetition throughout his speech. This way, the message he was portraying would stick in and awaken hearts of those listening and truly inspire them to start working to better America. Obama’s address truly was inspiring in a time when America needs as much encouragement as possible. He was confident in his goal to remake America, and his confidence settled in Americans to have great faith in our new
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