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Obama vs. Romney Essay

  • Submitted by: telllievision
  • on December 1, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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There are many differences between President Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential election. They are both trying to get the support of the elderly population. I am going to discuss their differences of their agendas on Medicare, Social Security, and Health Reform. These topics are extensive so I will only be touching on the basics.
President Obama has already laid out his platform for Medicare reform in his 2010 health reform law. The law pares back around $700 billion dollars in Medicare growth over the next 10 years through several mechanisms and launches some platforms designed to reduce wasteful use of health care by beneficiaries. Medicare reform in the 2010 Affordable Care Act would save the structure of the current program. The majority of seniors would continue to get insurance from the government ran program, While a portion would be able to get privatized insurance through Medicare Advantage plans, but the law would cut back on subsidiaries to to insurers who offer the plans. Obama's health reform law would also reduce the rate at which hospital pay rates grow each year, under Obama's theory that other incentives in the law will improve hospital improve productivity. It will also cut special payments to hospitals that provide care to disproportionate share of poor or uninsured patients, because the law was designed to insure many of the those patients. Obama's law set an overall growth cap for the program and task an independent board with keeping the program inside that budget. Per-capita growth for this program must be less then the growth in gross domestic product plus 1%. This board has the authority to change the rates paid to providers, but not benefits or cost sharing by seniors. This law creates a series of payment reforms designed to encourage hospitals and doctors to give higher quality care instead of just more of it. Those reforms include bonuses to providers who hit quality targets, penalties for hospitals with...

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