Obama Should Be The Next President Essay

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Mitt Romney should and will become the next president of the United States because he has better credentials than his competitor. The reason being that Obama’s only success in politics in Chicago was removing some of the asbestos from one of Chicago’s apartment projects. Obama, himself, when asked by a fellow college classmate about what a community organizer does he said that he could not answer them directly. Mitt Romney has a lot more experience with the economy than Obama does. He has more hands on knowledge about the economy because he has owned a business, He even started his own business at the age of 37. In the fact, he is no Washington insider like Obama his fellow candidate for the presidency. He has both experience with the economy and politics. He is much more better fit for the position because of this . Obama’s plans to make jobs through stimulus have failed. Everything in our economy is high: Utility bills, health premiums, and gasoline prices. Obama’s own plan to tax the small business owner more instead of giving him a break during these tough economic times. His TRILLION DOLLAR DEFFICIT will slow our economy; take away jobs and causes the wages to stall. His plan to raise taxes on small business won’t add jobs, it will eliminate them. His assault on energy companies and oil gas and coal will send jobs over…show more content…
Marriage is between a man and a women and not a man another man or a women and another women. Mitt Romney has said over and over again that he is committed to the ideals that marriage is between a man and a women. This is very important to most American’s. When Obama was running for the presidency he promised a cleaner planet and change. Well Mitt has promised more jobs. Which one do you think that we need more right now. The planet is important but first we need to be able to afford to keep our own planet clean. We can not afford this if a good percentage of American’s are

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