Obama Inaugural Address Rhetorical Analysis

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Analysis of Obama's Inaugural Address I chose President Obama's Inaugural Address to analyze for my first position paper since I believe that I can associate with many different concepts we analyzed in class. First of all, I will start with the style President Obama used. He used the epideictic oratory which is oriented to public occasions. Epideictic Oratory is one of the three branches of rhetoric analyzed by Aristotle and used to praise or blame in ceremonis. President Obama had to use the Epideictic Style because it is required in formal events such as openings, closings anniversaries, political occasions and it can deal with everything from excellence to shame. The President's style could be also described as sociopragmatic since as we discussed in class sociopragmatic is when using the words without offending people and Mr. Obama was succesful in doing that. Barack Obama's Inagural Address tried to show honesty, confidence, optimish, power and also offering help to the world. In paragraph 1 and 2 he thanked Mr. Bush and showed respect to him regardless of the fact that he does not agree with him. By thanking Mr. Bush he shows that he will show respect to every single American. In the following paragraphs he analyzed the economic crisis by being honest using phrases like "Our economy is badly weakened." In paragraphs 3-7 promises America that the challenges will be met. He starts of the sentence with "but" and pausing after "America" to ensure the audience that the challenges will be definitely met. Moving on to paragraphs 8 through 17 is hopeful and optimistic by providing his audience with many examples of how the Americans survived several crises in the past. An example can be the sentence "We must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remarking America" gives encouragement to his voters to trust him and work with him to

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