Obama Democratic Speech

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Barack Obama became the United States of America’s first African American president in 2009. He delivered his acceptance speech for the Democratic Party’s ticket in August of 2008 in Colorado after a close primary campaign against Hillary Rodham Clinton. His audience of 80,000 was Democratic supporters looking forward to his vision of hope and change for the United States, which had seen a severe downturn in the economy along with the never-ending war in the Middle East. His rhetorical intention was to inspire and lead the audience toward a new America that was based on the Democratic ideology of supporting the majority of the population not just the wealthiest people and corporations’ best interests. Barack Obama included his background as a young boy of middle class parents and eventually a single mother. His approach was inclusive of the middle class audience and their dreams and struggles as families, old and young alike. He spoke of the economic condition of the United States at the time and what he saw for the future in the changes he planned on making through economic policy. His policy on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan was included as he spoke of his concern for the veterans returning from four or five tours of duty. He addressed education, oil dependency and healthcare in his forty-four minute speech. During each segment of his speech he also included a personal anecdote whether it was about his grandfather as a soldier, his mother dealing with the insurance industry as she was dying of cancer or his grandmother working her way up to middle management when women were not promoted as the norm. He also made a point of giving examples of Senator John McCain and how out of touch he was along with the Republican Party with the American people at the time. Obama successfully connected with his audience through each point that he made in his acceptance
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