Obama Care Political Debate Essay

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05-21-12 Period 3 Obama’s Care/ Romney’s Care Political Debate As everyone knows Barack Obama won the last candidate four years ago by promising many changes but how many of those changes have actually been established to make a difference in our country. Talking on the Obama’s care he did pass the Affordable Act Law which hold insurance on many companies, preventing employees to discriminate people because of their status as in mental or physical activities, but the question is what things did he do for all this? The next proposal will let you see the changes these both have proposed and how it affects others by Obama trying to accomplish his changes when its not doing nothing but hurting them in certaion ways. Obama’s whole bill page was more than 2000 pages when Romney’s was only 70 pages more than half of Obama’s. Romney would not increase…show more content…
A main detail about this would be that Romney’s is constitutionally and Obama’s is not but only potential. Through collaboration Massachusetts created a consensus among state holders to support the new law with Romney’s healthcare while Obama does NOT take into account that each state is unique in important ways such as some states can’t afford new spending on healthcare and second being greater costs will be imposed on states with a larger percentage of uninsured citizens. As you’ve heard Romney’s proposal was much more conservative friendly than the democrats passed under Barack Obama. Romney said “My own preference is to let each state fashion its own program to meet the distinct needs of its citizens. States could follow the Massachusetts model if they choose, or they could develop plans of their own. These plans, tested in the state 'laboratories of democracy,' could be evaluated, compared, improved upon, and adopted by others.” This waiver would allow states to postpone the implementation of Obama care while Romney works with congress to formally
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