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Reforming the American Health Care System OBAMA CARE On March 21, 2011 Congress passed the Health Care Reform, otherwise known as Obama Care. This so called reform is going to hurt the economy dramatically with a ten percent increase in taxes, bankruptcy of small privately owned health insurance companies, due to $6,190 increase in the amount of coverage for families, decrease in quality care for patients, such as not having enough medical equipment and shortage of prescription drugs taking affect as early as January 2013. The Obama Care health plan has put a spending cap of $1 trillion that would provide federal subsidies to help people afford health insurance.(Health Care Reform Billa) However, the health care reformation that I believe to be more fitting for the U.S’s economy has a much smaller price tag and no tax increase. Balancing budgets are among the most difficult problems in the health care system. Because of the deteriorating federal budget, health care reforms need to be able to fit the U.S’s budget over the course of the next decade. Health reforms need to be able to reduce the projected deficits, due to the ten percent tax increase or the budget situation will become unsustainable. (Mercatus Center) To make sure this happens, a health care reform needs to insure that nearly all Americans obtain a state government regulated level of health insurance coverage. With that being said, the coverage will provide free health care insurance for citizens earning less than 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. This health care coverage bill will aim to cover almost 100 percent of the United States’ uninsured within a three year period. Isn’t the United States seen as the land of opportunity and choices? With that in mind I believe we should be able to make our own decisions on which health insurance company provides for our families. Insurance

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