Obama and Romney Essay

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Obama In the movie The Choice 2012October 9th I learned a plethora of different facts and information about both presidential candidates, but as I watched Obama was raised quite differently. His childhood was difficult, but that didn’t stop him from working hard and achieving what he wanted. There were negative words spoken to him and there still is, but Obama still walks with his head held high and does what he believes to be right. Obama was an interracial boy, his father was a black Kenyan who came to America for education and his mother was a white women. His father had to go back to Kenya so it was just him and his mother before she fond another husband. His step dad was Indonesian and he was no longer an only child. He had a half sister who was also interracial. They all lived in Indonesia until Obama’s mother thought it would be best if he lived with his grandparents in Hawaii. When he want to school he had trouble making friends since he was different and this became a problem for many years, but when we was in Hawaii he did find a group of people who became very close to him which they called themselves as the Choom gang. Those were his weed smoking days. After graduating high school Obama realized that he wanted to go a school in Los Angeles. There, there were more African Americans, but Obama wasn’t exactly accepted by them. Obama’s next move was to Harlem, New York. He stayed there for 4 years and that whole time he didn’t have many friends. While he was he observed the poor people and wondered what he could do to help. Thos ideas that he came up with is what led his to run for senator of Illinois. He won and many people supported him. This made him think that maybe he could be president. While Obama was preparing to be president it was clear that he was a great speaker that knew what he wanted and was determined to get it done. Although there were

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