Obama and Reelection Cons Essay

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Jack Bergeron 10/1/12 U.S. Government Obama Project “Hope and Change” We are in the midst of political election that could change the course of this nation. The first black President of the United States, Barrack Obama, similar to past presidents, has been scrutinized for his actions both positively and negatively. Voting Americans need to analyze his policies and agenda before this election draws to a close. To me, President Obama appears well spoken, well educated and of good character. However I don’t think he is the right man to lead this country for various reasons. Despite some improving economic data, the economy is still weak. Only 36% of Americans approve of the way he has handled the economy, which will likely present, significant challenges to his re-election effort. Most Americans are angry about the federal deficits, which are at record highs, and the explosive growth in national debt during his presidency, which he previously called “unpatriotic”. Obama’s lowest rating on any issue is the federal budget where only 30% of voters approve his handling of it. A good number of his supporters believe that his economic stewardship is far from par. This leaves room for questions and a desired change. The health reform law referred to as “ObamaCare” is one subject that I think a majority of people disfavor, on both sides. The only way to abolish the Democratic health reform law is to defeat and replace the democratic president. Americans oppose the law, 54 percent to 38 percent. Even with some having strong feelings on the issue, foes out number fans 2-to-1. Another issue Obama will have with reelection is the fact that his opponents are more committed to voting than his own supporters with a little over a month left before the election. Republicans are clearly more charged up: 51 percent of GOP voters say they are more motivated

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