Obama and Environment Essay

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‘Obama’s not black – he’s green‘ After big election campaigns in the USA it was eventually clear that Barack Obama was to be the new president of the US. Unlike his predecessor George Bush Obama seemed welcomed by the whole of his nation. It felt as if not only Obama followers who helped him in his campaign but also critics, for example from the media, supported him. Obama as the prophet in God’s own country? Prophets and presidents can have similar functions; presidents as well as prophets have the potential to change people and make them believe in new ideas, new moral or ethical standard or simply seemingly new values, which are a change in behaviour toward environment or even the behavior towards the whole planet. Obama can change the US and turn it into a country where green policy is a major on the political agenda. First of all, we have to think about Obama’s motto which is ‘change – yes we can’. The overall positivistic view on change and the implicit message that change is the result of the action of many seems to motivate people all over the US. But it is not only a motto that Obama used in order to get a lot of voters, but it is also his political action. Of course, Obama can not turn back time and correct any mistakes of his predecessor. The need of a prophet arouses when there is a consistent unbalance in a stat or society where parts of it had been repressed. But turning back time is exactly what Obama not wants to do. He wants to look into the future and not turn back to past times of misleading. This is also true for his view on how to treat the planet. All in all, Obama sees that there was something going wrong and he wants to change it for the future. Another aspect of Obama is that he is able to put his personality in scene – and he does it in a way like a professional actor. However, the basic difference between Obama and an actor is that an

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