Obama: A New World Order? Essay

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Obama: A New World Order? On Tuesday 20th January, the 44th President of United States of America was inaugurated. Barack Obama is the first black President and from the moment he announced his candidacy, there has been global speculation about the effect he will have on America and therefore the world. As a symbol of hope for all the ethnic minorities worldwide, he does a great deal to confirm their beliefs in the ‘American Dream’. As a Briton, it is difficult to understand the segregation that still exists in some parts of America. Racism does not exist in quite the same way, or at least as openly, as it used to but there are still some who make judgements based on colour. In a city as multicultural as London, it is difficult to comprehend how this still happens. America is divided for many reasons, but it has seemed for the last year that Barack Obama may well be the man to unite them. The whole world is divided by its stance and views of America, could Obama be the man to unite them too? An article by Gary Younge1, a popular writer for The Guardian, asks these same questions. It was published on Monday 19th, before Obama’s inauguration and is one of several written by Gary Younge on Obama, in the past months. He is a good representative of the Black British community and confronts issues of personal and public interest regularly. The article itself, published in the Comment & Debate section of The Guardian, seems to be more of a starting point for debate, commenting on current issues surrounding the election and passing on some interesting anecdotes and views. The author comments on several well connected points but does not go into a great deal of depth, presenting the information fairly conversationally. As a result, the article is pleasant to read and Gary Younge expresses his views effectively. Looking at previous articles by the author2,
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