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The Inner and Outer workings of Obama Care By:Latoya Rone Health Policy and Economics: Professor Oestmann 10/25/2013 Obama Care is a healthcare reform act that has been debated since the first mention of the innovative system. Obama care will allow all citizens to have the opportunity receive affordable healthcare based on the individual’s income. The reform has been getting positive and negative attention mainly due to the ever growing debt in the U.S. With the federal government being so far in debt implementing a program that costs billions of dollars to begin is a bit scary. Although affordable healthcare reform acts were created under the Clinton administration republicans mainly are fearful that the act will have many problems and is afraid the act will become a money pit instead of a solution. In this paper I will address specific issues that have been concerning about the act and provide insight about the act. Problems with Obama Care Americans are concerned about what effect Obama Care will have on the Medicare and Medicaid recipients and all citizens. Obama care naturally has its downsides one of the major issues people are having with the act is that with all the positives of the affordable care act it will also bring more costs to citizens and businesses. If people who are uninsured do not obtain health insurance by 2014 those individuals will be forced to pay a fine. Also businesses and higher tax bracket individuals will have to pay higher taxes for the program to stay afloat. Medicare and Medicaid recipients will not be affected, but it will be a lot more difficult to obtain those benefits. The affordable care act will also put stress on America’s already increasing debt and depleting economy. Positives of Obama Care ObamaCare helps to cover working families who don't have access to health insurance. In 2015

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