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Reflection Paper From the lecture and the interactive sessions, I learned some knowledge about individual learning, behavior and personality, and motivation. For motivation, which is defined as the psychological forces that determine the direction of people’s behavior, their level of effort, and level of persistence. There are three key words for motivation: effort (how hard a person is trying); persistence (how long a person keeps on trying); direction (what a person is trying to do or where they are directing their efforts). For instance, I want to get A plus on this course, this is the direction for me. So that I need do my best effort and keep the goal in my mind to reach this goal. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory, self-esteem is the need to feel good about oneself and to be respected, appreciated, and recognized by others. It is noted that self-esteem is my reason of motivation. I want to be recognized by other classmates in the lecture. According to McClelland’s need theory, there are three types of need, including the need for power; the need for affiliation; and the need for achievement. The need for power is the need to influence and lead others and be in control of one’s environment. For example, I want to take charge in my relationship, controlling my boyfriend, this can let me feel safety. The need for affiliation is the desire for friendly and close interpersonal relationships. For myself, I need to concern about my friend’s feeling to do something I don’t want to do sometimes. For example, the motivation of the reason I choose this interactive class because my friend choose the same one. I want to keep the close relationship with her so I choose the same section as her. I think I have been motivated in this course. The activity we did in the interactive class during the motivation topic week is to motivate us by the need of

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