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HRM / OB : CASE STUDY HOW IS THIS STUFF GOING TO HELP ME? [pic] Swati Arnold wants to be a manager/leader. She enjoyed her accounting, Finance, and Marketing courses. Each of these provided her with some clear-cut answers. Now the professor in her HRM course is telling her that there are really very few clear-cut answers when it comes to managing people, especially in the present scenario. The professor has discussed some of the emerging challenges in today’s organizations, right from recruitment & selection of right employees to enhancing performance of the workforce, setting stretching goals, the importance of effective communication and interpersonal relationship in the organizations. Swati is very perplexed. She came to school to get answers on how to be an effective manager/leader, but this course surely doesn’t seem to be heading in that direction. Please discuss the above case in your group and answer the following questions: Que.1. how would you relieve Swati’s anxiety? How is a course in OB going to make her a better manager/leader? Que. 2: why did the professor start off with a brief overview of emerging environmental challenges? Que.3: How does a course in OB differ from course in fields such as accounting, finance, or Marketing? Que.4: Do you think that Job Design, Enrichment or QWL are appropriate to motivate employees? Que.5. Can HRM planning help in reducing employee’s grievances? Que.6: “What industry needs now are not Managers but Leaders.” A. Do you agree with the statement? B. Is there any difference between leader and manager? You have 20 minutes time to discuss and 10 minutes to make your presentation. Please go ahead. All the
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