Oakhursts most nearly opposite character in Poker Flat.

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Poker Flat is a young and small town, which consisted of people looking for gold. Citizens were mostly adventurous men looking for their own fortune, gamblers, and prostitutes. The town had no police, and everyone was there only for themselves. It was a town of low morale. It recently suffered a loss of money and other valuable assets; therefore, somebody has to be punished and blamed for it. The group of four people, who were considered to be improper in the town, was thrown out from it. In the course of the story and their journey, the author shows us the gradation of the outcasts from being vicious and faulty people becoming solicitous, courageous people with high morale. Oakhurst and Billy are exceptions to that. Oakhurst is a positive and good character from the beginning of the story, unlike Billy who is all around scumbag till the end, and is Oakhurst’s most nearly opposite character in “Poker Flat”. Oakhurst is the main character in Poker Flat. He is a professional gambler all the way through. He is really good at what he does. He wins a lot of money from townspeople and therefore being forced out of town because he is considered to be improper for it. He is very calm for these circumstances: “Mr. Oakhurst received his sentence with philosophic calmness…” He is not afraid of the situation, but takes it philosophically. At the beginning of their journey he shows his compassion to “The Dutchess”, a woman whom he doesn’t know, by exchanging his great horse to her sorry mule, which she rode. It shows him as a gentleman that has sympathy to other unknown people. He is willing to sacrifice his own good for other people. He is not a selfish person. He cares not only for his fate, but also for the fate of other members of the group. Oakhurst cautioned the group about the danger of the stop in the middle of the trip, and he knew possible consequences of that

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