O.J Simpson Case

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The O.J. Simpson trial was one of the most recognizable cases in American history. Actor and American foot ball player O.J Simpson was tried on two accounts of murder following the June 1994 deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her “friend” Ronald Goldman. It went on for nine months. There were 11 lawyers representing the O.J. and 25 working around the clock for the largest prosecutor's office in the country. The opinion of the Jury was for the defense, not guilty. I agree with them that O.J. is not guilty but he was an accomplice for the murder of both Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman but didn’t actually kill. Instead he covered up what his son, 24 year old Jason Simpson might have done. First, the evidence such as EDTA found in O.J.’s bloody socks which was not handled the way it should have been. A pair of dark, crumpled socks found at the foot of Simpson's bed; DNA tests found the genetic markers of Simpson and his ex-wife. These pair of socks was found to be with EDTA which stops blood clotting in test tube which only meant that they had to be tampered with. Second, the gloves which were found behind Simpson's house appeared to contain genetic markers of Simpson and the victims' blond hair similar to ex-wife was also found on that glove. The gloves didn't appear to fit Simpson when he tried them on in court. The left glove found at Bundy and right glove found at Simpson residence are Aris Light gloves. Nicole Brown had bought a pair of Aris Light XL gloves in 1990 at Bloomingdale's which then Simpson wore Aris Light gloves from 1990 to June, 1994. Lastly, the footprints that were left in the scene by O.J. Simpson were also part of the crime scene. Bloody footprints from bodies found with match between Simpson's genetic markers and victims’. The prints matched size 12 Bruno Maglis, a relatively rare and expensive Italian-made model, Simpson

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