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OJ Simpsom Trial About OJ Simpson A) Famous football player. B) His ex wife was Nicole Brown Simpson. C) She had a boyfriend named Ronald Goldman. Accused of murder A) He was accused of murdering Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. B) He was seen fleeing from the scene of the crime. Trial A) There was 95 million viewers. B) It was the People of the State of California v. OJ Simpson. C) It was a murder trial and it was held in Los Angeles County, California Suoerior Court. D) Started on November 2, 1994. E) Evidence was misplaced. F) It was the trial of the century. There are several areas of problems associated with the investigation by the police in the O.J. Simpson case. I feel the first problem was when they attempted to make contact with Simpson, to tell him that Nicole had been killed. Once they arrived at the house and discovered he was not at home, they climbed the fence to enter the back yard of the residence, Janofsky, M. (1994). The problem here was the lack of a search warrant before entering. This should have been considered a direct violation of Simpson's fourth amendment right. Another problem with the Simpson case is the credibility of Mark Furman. The prosecution put Furman on the stand to testify without considering if he would be a valid witness. When the defense attorney had the opportunity to cross examine Furman, they were able to prove he was biased toward African American, and that he was not creditable. Furman lied on the stand telling F. Lee Bailey he had never used the derogatory phrase "nigger", when he indeed had used it freely in the past, (Garland, N.M., 2011) Another creditability issue came when the prosecution called Brian Kato Kaelin to the stand. He did not provide the testimony the prosecution thought he would. The prosecution received permission to question Kaelin as if he

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