O Brother Where Art Thou and Odyssey Comparison

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“The Odyssey “and “O Brother, Where Art Thou” The film O Brother, Where Art Thou had many allusions to The Odyssey. The film was based on The Odyssey, so it had many significant similarities to the epic poem. Although the main character, setting, plot, conflict, and resolution in O Brother, Where Art Thou resembles those in The Odyssey, there are differences within the two works. The main character in The Odyssey is Odysseus, king of Ithaca. The main character in O Brother, Where Art Thou is Ulysses, an escapes prisoner who was part of a chain gang. This supports that fact that Odysseus and Ulysses comes from different backgrounds. Both characters share many similarities. Both of them are selfish and do not really care about their companions. Odysseus did not warn his men about Scylla because he was afraid they would abandon him, so he only uses his men to sail the ship, which shows that his own intentions are more important to him than the lives of his crewmen. Ulysses also only cared about his intentions and lied to Pete and Delmar about a treasure so they would escape with him. Both of them were brave and leaders in their group. But one thing Odysseus has that Ulysses didn’t have was a strong relationship with his wife. Penelope and Odysseus remained faithful to each other even though they were separated, and Penelope refused to re-marry. On the other hand, Ulysses’ wife Penny decided to re-marry very easily, and did not want to get back with Ulysses when he came back. In The Odyssey, Odysseus’ ultimate goal was to journey home to be reunited with his wife, Penelope. Ulysses’ ultimate goal was very much alike to Odysseus’. His “ultimate goal” was to find treasure, but his real goal was to reconcile with his wife, like Odysseus. The setting of The Odyssey was totally different from O Brother, Where Art Thou. The Odyssey took place in Ancient Greek on

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