O Brien's The Things They Carried

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The man that O’Brian killed had many many facial wounds, and was badly disfigured because of a grenade that was thrown at him. O’Brian spends a lot of time observing the body of the man that he killed. He pictured his family, his parents and what they did for a living. He is overcome with guilt after killing this man. O’Brian’s platoon mates try to get him to talk about what he had done, but O’Brian does not respond to them. He is lost in thought. O’Brian can not help but think about the boys life being cut short, all because of him. After reading “The Things They Carried” I learned a lot about the memory of the Vietnam War. Not many veterans openly discuss the war, and for good reason. I think this novel depicts many gruesome stories that not many people would want to remember. O’Brian goes in to great detail about the wounds that the man he killed received.…show more content…
Although the stories in the novel may not all be fact bases, O’Brian actually had knowledge of the war because he experienced it first hand. This novel lets you get a deeper look into how the soldiers felt during the Vietnam War. “The Things They Carried” depicts a gruesome but realistic look as to what the Vietnam War was like. “The Man I Killed” shows readers that American soldiers were remorseful of their actions during war time. There are many truths in “The Things They Carried” because it gives readers a deeper look into the feelings of the
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