O'Briens Betrayal Essay

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O’Brien’s Betrayal Have you ever been betrayed by someone you trust? Maybe they used your secret against you or told someone something that you didn’t want them to know. Throughout the story of 1984 Winston and O’Brien have a really complex relationship. Winston is really against the Party, and he wants to overthrow it. Winston cannot do this by himself. He wants equality and justice for all people. He knows that if he wants to overthrow the Party, and achieve his goal O’Brien is the person he trusts to help him do it. Winston is very quick to trust O’Brien when their eyes first meet. “I am with you,” O’Brien seemed to be saying to him. “I know precisely what you are feeling. I know all about your contempt, your hatred, and your disgust. But don’t worry I am on your side.” (Orwell 103) Winston remembers a dream he had seven years ago about O’Brien. “He had dreamed that he was walking through a pitch-dark room. And someone sitting to one side of him had said as he passed: “We will meet in a place where there is no darkness.” (Orwell 111) Winston has held on to the belief that he and O’Brien will one day come together, and take a stand for what they believe in. Winston’s believes, “The Party cannot be overthrown from within. If there is hope it must lie in the proles.” (Orwell 152) Winston visits O’Brien’s house, which is much nicer than his own. Winston’s society is based on hierarchy instead of equality, so O’Brien has special privileges over Winston. Winston’s belief in the Brotherhood paid off. O’Brien tells Winston, “Yes, there is such a person [as Goldstein], and he is alive. Where, I do not know.” (Orwell 248) Winston is going to get Goldstein’s book from O’Brien. The book is going to be in a briefcase, and Goldstein’s book contains the truth about history. Now that Winston knows the Brotherhood exists and has Goldstein’s book in his possession he

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