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Night at the Philharmonic The Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony No.6 is a show at New York’s prestigious philharmonic. After being there twice (once as a presenter and once for an orchestra) I had somewhat of an idea of what was going to happen. I knew that I would see extremely hard working musicians working cohesively to do Beethoven justice. Much of the show seemed to go like a rain storm. Slow at times then becoming fast and thunderous as if from nowhere, then going slow and smooth once more. The show was five parts: Allegro ma non troppo, Andante molto mosso, Allegro (part 1), Allegro (Part 2), and Allegretto. The first seemed to be very happy and free like a small child running around carefree. They next piece seemed very proud and I felt like I was at a royal coronation. The next piece I felt was danceable to people living during his time. It was very fun. I was a little confused on how the next fit in, it was like a thunderstorm it was very dark and heavy it seemed to get faster and faster until the next part. The final part to me felt like a commemoration of the first three pieces. It was very clean and smooth. This show was very beautiful and you could see the workmanship on stage. I felt that this show was very well conducted and had a great flow to it. It kind of had me thinking about the movie “Black Swan” and wondering if what Natalie Portman went through during the production portions of the movie was something similar to what the musicians go through regularly. Although shows like this are beautiful, they require a lot of self discipline as people who like to move around a lot should not do so here. I say if you can handle staying still and silent than I would recommend this show for

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