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New York City, a place everyone knows and loves and often when someone gets to experience such a city, they can remember it like it was yesterday—the feeling, the events, and the people. I know I remember my New York City trip like it was yesterday, the way it looked, the way it smelled, the people I’d seen. And the things I got to experience. Who in this world doesn’t love New York City? Especially Times Square where everything happens. Times Square is the place to be! a place that is pretty and that carries tons of scenes. I remember the first time I went to Time Square. It was a hectic place that has a lot going on all at once—loud honking from cars, thousands of gibberish passing as people were walking down those dirty sidewalks, and street artists trying to make their money. What i can really recall about Time Square is how tall and odd shaped the buildings were. All the buildings have big words like “Broadway” or “Musical Show” on them and often the buildings has planet of flashing lights. Times Square has a lot of things to offer, ranging from sightseeing to louse to weird people. When I was in Times Square, I remember seeing many street artists: the artist that paints, the artists that draw, and the artist that does it all. However, my brother and I came across one who charcoal painted. So, we decided to get our picture done because it was so cheap! The sign that was posted by the sidewalk said, “$5.00 for two persons.” We sat there patiently as Mr. Yun painted us. It was all exciting and fun until he finished. We were so excited to see it till he said, “Thirty Dollars.” My brother was like “What? I thought you said it was five dollars. Why is it thirty now?” Mr. Yun then said, “Yes, five dollars for two people and twenty-five for painting the picture.” Oh My God! Were we in shock or what? We just paid the man and took the ugly big headed picture of

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