Nyasha In Nervous Conditions Essay

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Nervous Conditions: Nyasha By John Jindra Afro3601W The character of Nyasha, in Nervous Conditions, offers a lot to talk about. In her we find political unrest, an identity crisis, perfectionism, eating disorders, idealism and more. Her father may play the largest role in the formation of these issues, but it is safe to say that her mother’s responses to Nyasha father’s behavior are of equal impact on her. Being that the author, Tsitsi Dangearembga, studied psychology, we may be able to see a correlation in Nyasha and the political environment in Rhodesia during the time of the book’s writing. Or, maybe, we are looking at a well-designed fictional character that is a mix of her mother and her father’s personality. I believe that part of the reason her father and her butt heads as much as they do is because they are very similar. Without a doubt they are both very proud individuals. For the writing of this paper, I have come to believe that Dangarembga is acutely aware of the environment that would be necessary for Nyasha to behave in the ways that she does. Whether she was using the character metaphorically in response to the writings of other people that wrote about the effects of colonization, like Franz Fanon, I am not sure (although Dangarembga says no), but I will also take a look at the corollaries. NYASHA AND HER FATHER Nyasha’s father, Babamukuru, is a stressed out individual that puts his family on edge whenever he is around. He works long hours and is very concerned with how other people view him. Most likely, how whites at the mission view him. In his defense, he has become the patriarch of an extended family that counts on him to provide for them. The stress of that responsibility is primarily vented at his rebellious daughter, Nyasha. In perspective to my own life, I find her rebellious acts to be very minor and not worth
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