Nvq3 Ic 01

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IC 01 Outcome 1.1 As a support worker, practitioners should; • Maintain high standards or personal health and hygiene • Be aware of infection control policies and procedures in workplace • Follow best practice of infection prevention and control • Maintain a clean and hygienic environment • Report infection risks to your employer • Attend training days relating to infection control Outcome 1.2 Employers must make sure all laws and legal regulations are followed and should; • Undertake risk assessment and management to identify and minimise the impact of infection hazards • Produce infection prevention and control policies and procedures • Provide relevant equipment to enable you to prevent and control infection • Identify and distribute relevant information about infection hazards and prevention and control methods • Provide training and supervision in aspects of infection and control relevant to your work setting • Keep records relating to infection prevention and control in your workplace Outcome 2.1 Laws, legal regulations and standards relating to infection prevention and control cover a number of different issues that are relevant to the health and social care setting. Some examples are; • Health and safety at work act 1974-Which sets the standards to prevent infection occurring and spreading. • Public health act 1984-Sets the standards for sanitation, water supply and disposal of waste and rubbish • Environmental protection act 1990-Ensures the safe management, handling, transfer and disposal of controlled waste such as needles and other medical supplies Outcome 2.2 Some local and organisational policies relevant to the prevention and control of infection include the supply of PPE (personal protective equipment), food safety regulations helping to prevent pathogen contamination during the handling and food storage and
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