Nvq3 Health and Social Assignment 1

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1 A duty of care in one owns role is very important; it underlies the Codes of Practice for any social care role. It is also a legal requirement and if there is an event of negligence or malpractice, you could be tested in court. Duty of care is the requirement to put the interests of the people who use your services first. Services users should feel safe and protected from unnecessary risk. If you chose a profession in social care you owe the people you support that right. You also owe them the right to feel respected and treated with dignity. Organisations and individuals should think about the duty of care when planning their work, this could be events, services or individual care plans. This will help you consider whether what you are doing is in the best interests of the service user and completing risk assessments will also be part of your plan. All four regulators in the UK set out the requirements for the Code of Practice, they have agreed a joint code of practice which sets out clearly the expectations of the individual working with health and social care. If you do not follow the Code of Practice and show a duty of care you will be held to account by the regulator. The section relating to duty of care is section 3; it states clearly that as a social care worker you must promote the independence of service users while protecting them as far as possible from danger or harm. It then clearly gives you 8 subsections, each detailing the behaviours that are expected of professionals. This is the basis on which your professional conduct will be judged. 2. Duty of care is a fundamental part of safeguarding and protecting individuals. Embedded within your duty of care is your responsibility to keep people safe from harm. By following a Code of Practice and considering your duty of care means that you can ensure your practice is safer and ensure the
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