Nvq3 Coures Work in Health and Social Care

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PRINCIPLES FOR IMPLEMENTING DUTY OF CARE IN HEALTH ,SOCIAL CARE OR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLES SETTINGS 1.1 the duty of care means that as a care worker i have the legal obligation and duty to provied care and support to all my service users in a safe way with careful attention and reasonable coution to help protect their wellbeing and provent them from any harm and put their needs and intrests at the center of my thinking and practice ensureing that what i choose to do or not do with them dose not caurse harm to the individual that im careing for as a care worker i must ensure i work in ways that uphold the laws and standerds `to ensure i provent harm to my service users and protect and promote the safety and wellbeing of others in my care 1.2the duty of care contribuites to the safegarding and protection of each individual i look after or that need care and support day to day as they are potentially vulnerable to exploitation ,abuse and even neglect from them self or by others ,the duty of care is knowing what requairments of the health and welbeing of the individuals that you provied care for offering them support and taking all the right procautions to advoid hazards,accidents,injurys that may accour if these procautions was not implment the duty of care also contribuites to the proction of the individuals charactices and againts discrimination ,equality ,fairness,respect and dignty to the safegarding is recognise and meet physical ,emotional and psychological needs ensureing you intesipate danger and manage risks and intervine when needed so you can support in the event of illness or injury and my be aleart to any protential neglet,abuse,or explotation you can then give guidance supervison and uphold their vales and rights 2.1 there may be times when there is potential conflicts or dilemmas may arise between the duty of care and the individual when you

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