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UNIT 14 - 2.2 Involving complex communication or cognitive needs If people are in a sensitive or complex situation as the result of an outside event e.g. the death of a close friend or relative or having just received some bad news, there is little you can do to prevent the distress, but the way you handle it is important. You must ensure that the person still retains control and is able to make choices about what they want to do. It is easy to take over when someone is very upset, but you need to check carefully that you are following the choices that people make. You must ensure that you do not pressure people into discussing more than they want to. If they seem reluctant to discuss their concerns with you ensure you offer them the option of talking to someone else e.g. another member of staff, a friend or relative. Situations may also be complex due to family pressures, sometimes the views of the person you are supporting may differ from those of their family. In a situation like this it is important not to forget that your priority is the person you are supporting. You must always ensure you are working within their choices and preferences, although it is not easy to deal with the responses from a strong minded family who thinks they are acting in the persons best interests. An advocate can be arranged if necessary. 2.3 Care plans are the primary source of service user information, they detail what is required for day to day care. Preferences for care and support are also detailed here. 2.4 Just like our own needs and desires change, so will those of the people we support. It is important to recognise as needs change, how support is provided will also need to be reviewed regularly to see if any changes or adjustments are required. You have a responsibility to listen to service users, to hear what they say, to record any information about

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