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unit 4222-301 promote communication in health and social care 1-1 Making and to develop relationships,to give and to receive information,to express feelings and needs,also to share thoughts and ideas with each other,to ackknowledge and encouage each other. 2-1 Good communication builds team work provides support to share information with each other,and establish new relationships,this is essential as a part of your work role when you work in a team. 2-2 Key factors are physical distances,body position and posture and touch all of these affect communication and noise is included in this as well. 3-1 Cultural backgrounds,some individuals share personality traits in common with others,the unique make up of these and the way they operate together is individual to that person,some people are quite and reserved others are bubbly,enthusitic this affects the way each of us communicate with each other and respond when communicating. 3-2 Barriers and over coming the barriers to communication relate to relaying messages to one and another,which can encounter problems with the reliablity of receiving the message or to make sense of the contents,barriers also come in to affect when speaking different languages,or are hard to understand or using incomplete information. 5-3 You can use sign language,picture or signs such as public information boards for people that do not speak english or have difficulities in reading and writing. 1-4 Confidentiality refers to the need to handle personal and private information in ways that are appropraite safe and professional that meet legal requirements ,safety ,trust and the law with guidelines to follow in any care setting. 3-4 Some situations when confidentiality needs to be breached to enable to report to higher authoritys,the disclosure of private and personal information should only take place when with

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