Nvq2 Unit 201

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unit 4222-201 inrrodustion to communication in health and social care or children and younf peoples setting 1. understanding why communication is imprtant in the work setting. 1.1 genrally human beings like to live with other human beings, we are sociable creatures who want to reach out to others around us, not many people lead lives is isolation. we connunicate for many different reasons to express emotions like · fear · anger · pain · joy · love we like to get our views, wishes and informatooooon accross to each other for different reasons. it can be essential or even life saving. It couls be vital in order to make someones life quaility better if they can communicate they are in pain. we live and communication in range of diffrent groups suchs as family, neighbourhoods, work place. communication id dependent on circumstances. communication can be personal and intiment and are usually with people we are close with. other communication can be with and wide audince and aimed ar groups t can be formal e.g courtroom setting informal e.g friends, chatting. working in care you are the imprtant tool doing your job, being able to relate to other is key. 1.2 AS a carer we have to communicate with people all the time. You have to communicare with serives users but also thier familys and other proffessional. Ways in which you communicaate us different depending who you are speaking too and also the purpose if it. while wirting is is imprtant thats communication is put correctly using correct speliing and things to encsure accuracy. 1.3 communication has an effect on the person you are communcatuing with. communction is a two ways process call 'an interaction'. its imprtant that any problems identified are delt with. To provide effective care and support you must be a good communicator. communications is more than taking, we communicate through speaking,
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