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UNDERSTAND EMPLOYMENT RESPONSIBILITIES AND RIGHTS IN HEALTH B1 DESCRIBE THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF YOUR EMPLOYMENT AS SET OUT IN YOUR CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT OR EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT. a HOURS OF WORK-My standard working week is 38.5 hours b PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT-My place of employment is Elm Bank Care Home ,northampton road kettering c HOLIDAYS-My holiday year runs from 1st april to the following 31st march,any entitlement i must take during this period.Holidays not taken in a holiday year may not be carried forward into another year. d PENSION- I am eligible to participate in a stakeholder pension scheme ,my contribution will be deducted from my salary at the end of each pay period if i want to participate. B2 DESCRIBE THE INFORMATION WHICH NEEDS TO BE SHOWN ON YOUR PAYSLIP Payslip Details Section: The employee’s name, type of payroll employer, and pay basis are included. Pay Period Section: The Pay Period specifies if it is a calendar month or bi-week period. The payment date is payday. Summary Section: Year to Date and Current Gross Earnings aredisplayed, and salary earnings . Hours and Earnings: This section provides a description of the earnings such as biweekly salary,calendar month salary, overtime. Rate Details: The section shows a description of the rate such as hourly earnings, biweekly salary, and overtime plus the rate per hour, the number of total hours . Pre-Tax Deductions: Current and YTD pre-tax deductions are listed as well as the description of the deduction. After-Tax Deductions: Current and YTD after-tax deductions are listed as well as the description of the deduction. Net Pay Distribution: This section includes the check or deposit number and the net amount of the pay. B3 IDENTIFY TWO CHANGES TO PERSONAL INFORMATION WHICH YOU MUST REPORT TO YOUR EMPLOYER Change adress ,second job ,

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