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CU238P Dementia Awareness 1,1 The term dementia is used to describe the symptoms that occur when the brain is affected by specific diseases and conditions. The brain is affected which leads to a decline of the brain and it,s abilities 1,2 Dementia occurs as a result of changes to the structure of the brain and progressive damage to the brain cells, leading to a decline in a persons mental and physical ability. 1,3 Depression, delirium and age related memory impairment may be mistaken for dementia due to the symptoms being similar, memory loss and confusion 2,1 The medical model characterises dementia by global cognitive impairment, which is associated with deterioration in functioning and, in many people, behavioural and psychiatric disturbances 2,2 The social model is one part of our person centred approach. The focus is on the attitude and behaviour of others that impact on the abilities and difficulties that individual’s experience. These attitudes can either enhance or limit a person’s opportunity to be part of that society. This model uses a relationship centred approach and environmental solutions to difficulties and refers to the way in which we interact with each others emotional state and the attitude that society has regarding those with impairments. This is seen as a positive approach as it can promote enablement to people with dementia. 2,3 Dementia should be viewed as a disability due to it restricting ones everyday life and its irreversible symptoms which worsen over time. 3,1 The most common cause of dementia is alzheimers and vascular. 3,2 The most likely signs of dementia are memory loss, confusion, aggitation and mood swings. 3,3 Research has identified many risk factors associated with dementia. It's impossible to eliminate every single one; after all we can't avoid age, which is the most

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