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The principles of Infection Prevention and Control Unit 21 ICO1 Q1 1.1 The employee’s role is to use at all times the equipment that has been provided for them, e.g. aprons and gloves. To read and locate the appropriate guidelines/policies for control of infection with in the work place. To take action to prevent any spread of infection. 1.2 The employers responsibilities are * Legal * Organisational * Personal/moral To asses risk, put procedures in place and that they are followed. That all employees are appropriately trained and equipment is given to them in return to infection control. All employees are aware of health and safety aspects of their work. Q2 2.1 * The health and safety at work act 1974 * Management of health and safety at work regulations 1999 * The public health (control of diseases) act 1984 * Food safety act1990 * Reporting injures diseases and dangerous occurrence regulations (RIDDOR)1995 * The public health (infectious diseases) regulations 1998 * Controls assurance standards hsc 2000/02 * Medicines and health care regulatory agency (MHRA) * Standards for better health 2006 COSHH * Personal protective equipment (PPE) regulations 1992 * Control waste regulation 1992 (includes clinical waste) 2.2 standard principles They recommended that standard principles provide guidance on infection control precaution that should be applied by all healthcare personnel to the care service user in the community and primary care settings. These recommendations are divided into four distinct interventions: * Hand hygiene * The use of personal protective equipment * The safe use and disposal of sharps * Education of patients, their carer’s and healthcare personal Q3 3.1 To start washing hands thoroughly, to use any PPE you have been supplied with. To dispose of

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